Schedule of Costs

Pine Grove Cemetery provides perpetual care, which includes mowing, trimming, litter/debris cleanup, and leaf blowing. Several wooded acres were recently cleared, making room for 8,000 additional plots.

Pine Grove Cemetery

Single: $1,200

Pair: $2,200

Pine Grove Cemetery
Grave Opening Fees
Grave Opening Fees

Full Burial: $750

Urn (Cremation): $450

Urn Vault: $500

Pine Grove Cemetery

Monument Foundations: $12 per width inch

(ex. 24" wide X $12 = $288)

($250 minimum charge)

Veterans Foundation (for flat marker): $175

Monument Deep Cleaning: $100+
(Call for quote; good for 15-20 years)

Pine Grove Cemetery
Veterans Cemetery Fees

Plot: $750

Foundation (for upright marker): $415
(required for internment in designated Veterans section)

Marker: Free courtesy of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

*Regular grave opening fees apply